In the art print series Elevations and Landmarks, we seek to capture the unique character and feeling of various cities around 
the world. Cities that most of us have some kind of relation to, but probably haven’t seen in the format of the architectural drawing. By studying the façades of representative buildings, directing attention to details that mostly pass unseen, we hope to touch upon the architectural qualities that contribute to the city's special atmosphere.

Work with the print series Elevations and its smaller version Landmarks, began in early 2013. The first print, Paris Elevations, depicts a collection of buildings including the Neoclassical Arc de Triomphe, Beaux-Arts Opera Garnier, the High-Tech multi-coloured Centre Pompidou, Romanesque-Byzantine Sacré Cœur and Renaissance bridge Pont Marie. One thing that fascinated us when making this print is how different these buildings are to each other - built in three different centuries and in a variety of architectural styles and functions reflecting the values and ideals of different times - but still effortlessly blending together to form the Paris of today.

Over the years the series has grown to feature a wide range of cities including Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, LA, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Melbourne, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo and the future releases Rome, Florence, Dubai, Marrakech and Rio. 

Remarkable Buildings of the World

To celebrate the five year mark of the series a selection of cities from the series along with new cities like Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Moscow, Vancouver and Santiago have been brought together in the new book Remarkable Buildings of the World. The book was created together with co-publisher Rotovision and is published by Quarto Homes and Rizzoli New York. The US title of the book is Iconic Buildings.

The book can be purchased through the links below

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