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A diverse cutout library

Cut out people by studio esinam is a professional cutout library for architecture practices and visual studios. It is used by many of the world's leading studios and contains over 10 000 high resolution cutout people with new cutouts added every month.

The ambition with the library is to provide a diverse collection of people that convey the activities of urban life in a realistic and genuine way.

The library is online based and features a filtering tool that allows to filter by activity, profession, color schemes and many other criteria.


15 000+ hi-res cut out people

3000+ cutouts with people form Asia

500-1000 new cutouts added quarterly

People from Europe, America, Asia

Licence for commercial use

Team Licence for entire company

Diverse Urban Demographic

Time saving filtering tool

One click download

Hi-res png format

Selected clients

Foster + PartnersDavid Chipperfield ArchitectsAHMMHGA3XNStantec
TengbomMandaworksLiljewall arkitekterShepley Bulfinch, COBEKilographDarcstudio, Brick VisualATCHAIN, PicturyBloc RenderingNotion WorkshopNinety90Adore Adore, NATAPlaytime, Graph, NVB studio, nuurHoromaRockhunterMR. PSmilodonSynchrone StudioBezier, AestheticaVISUALHOUSE, NORTHPOINT, NephewDBOX, LIFANG,

Image licence

Image licences allows use of cutouts in architectural visualisations for both commercial and non-commercial use. See full terms of service here

studio esinam obtain signed model releases from all identifiable people included in the library. 

How it works

Accessing the library

To access and use the library you need an active license. 


You can set up as many accounts within the company as you like with one licence.


New images are continuously added to the library. When having an active licence you have access to all new additions to the library. 

Using the library 

The library has a filtering tool that you can use to find specific images e g sitting and drinking coffee or walking and summer

You can download high resolution versions of the images by clicking them. 

Please note that drag and drop as seen in video only works on Mac at the moment because you can't drag images with transparency from browser directly to Photoshop on Windows.

Filter by

Project type
Project location
Color Palette


How many licences does our studio need?


Can multiple people in our studio use one licence simultaneously?
Yes. There is no limit to how many people within your studio that can use the licence simultaneously.

Can one licence be used in multiple offices in different locations?
Yes, as long as it is the same studio / practice.

See Terms of Service or full details.

Does the cutout library contain all the cutouts in cutout packages?
Yes, it contains all images in packages and thousands more.
When purchasing a lifetime licence you can download all cutout packages as well.

How often do you add new cutouts to the library?
On average 1 time per month.

How many new cutouts do you add every quarter?
On average 500-1000.

Does studio esinam own the copyright to all cutouts in the library?
Yes, all images are photographed by our team and we own the copyright to them.

Do you have signed model releases for all people featured in your library?
We have signed model releases for all recognisable people (identifiable by face or other features such as tattoos) included in the library.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment with credit / debit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express).

For any other questions please contact


Team Licence (billed monthly)

£395 / month
excl VAT 
(12 months minimum)

Includes unlimited use of the full library for the whole company during one month. All updates during the period are included. 

Terms of service apply.

Subscribe Monthly

Team Licence (billed yearly)

£3950 / year 
excl VAT

Includes unlimited use of the full library for the whole company during one year. All updates during the period are included. 

Terms of service apply.

Subscribe Yearly

Team Licence (lifetime)

excl VAT

Includes lifetime unlimited use of the full library for the whole company. All future updates are included. 

Terms of service apply.

Subscribe Lifetime

*When purchasing a monthly or yearly licence you purchase an image rights licence to use cutouts from the library during that period. After the period expires you need to renew the license to have the right to continue using downloaded cutouts in new images.

For any questions regarding the cutout library please email Sebastian at