Colors CAD Library

Tell the stories of your project with our new Colors CAD library for Archicad, Illustrator and Photoshop.
Preparing sketches and drawings for client meetings can take a lot of time and sometimes you still end up with something you're not really happy with presenting. 
With this library we wanted to create a resource that allows you to quickly add a few objects to transform very basic drawings and sketches into telling a story and setting a mood that reflects the projects ambitions.


1000+ illustrations, including:

Trees and Plants for Site Plans, Plans and Elevations / Cross Sections.

People for Plans and Elevations / Cross Sections.

Furniture for plans and Elevations / Cross Sections.

Objects for plans and Elevations / Cross Sections.

File formats

Archicad 2D objects with pen set.

PDF for illustrator.

TIFF files (with no background) for quick addition in Photoshop. 

4 Large DWG files containg all drawings in color.

Willow tree in elevation view.

Trees or plants in plan view.

Trees in plan view.

Pine trees in elevation view.


Company lifetime licence* - £1950 excl VAT

Student Licence available here.

Freelancer commercial licence available here.

*Licence allows unlimited use in architecture drawings and sketches in architecture projects. For other usage please contact studio esinam to request a quote. 

Includes Archicad 2D objects, PDF and TIFF files. Also includes 4 large DWG files with all objects in colored DWG.

Payment methods: Paypal, VISA, Mastercard and American Express.


A download link will be sent to you when order is placed.


Can the entire company download and use the library? Yes, one licence allows everyone at the company to use the drawings.

For any other questions please use the chat box or email Sebastian at